Tara McPherson

Ace And Ion by Tara Pherson - Kidrobot

Designer: Tara McPherson


Various Medium: Vinyl Flocked with Price: $70 $60

Ace Kittyhawk and Ion Z are a space bear and alien bunny who explore the universe in their giant space ship with their pet dragon to have wonderful adventures investigating strange phenomena across the cosmos.

Not only are they adorable animals (with creepy eyes) and have a pet dragon and are flocked, they have ray guns people. Both Ace and Ion are packing heat.

Included in the Kidrobot patented rocket ship box comes a set of puffy stickers and a coloring book. This may possibly be the best set of space exploring, ray gun wielding, slightly creepy, flocked toys.... EVER.

1500 total are zigging and zagging their way through the universe but will be localized on Earth for a limited time only.